We highly encourage everyone to visit DSSM and experience all that God is doing in our school. We welcome auditors in our corporate worship and first year classes.

Visitor Registration

You are welcome to visit us Monday nights throughout the semester for a fee of $5.00/night. Auditing our classes give you the opportunity to experience the school through worship, teaching, activations, and impartations. Registration begins at 6 p.m. Simply check-in at the Welcome Table when you arrive. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Note: Auditing is available for in-person classes only

Get ready to experience Dayspring School of Supernatural Ministry! For further information about the school, check out our about page.

Note: We do videotape all DSSM sessions and by auditing our school you are giving us permission to produce and distribute footage and photographs that could include you and/or your voice.

2157 N. Prospect Ave.
Springfield, MO 65803

*All classes are located in the Community Center, which is located on the first floor of the southwest building of Dayspring Church.

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