How do I get started at DSSM?

Tuition, Discounts and Fees for Spring/Fall Semesters.


Semester Tuition & Fees

In Person
Early Bird – Paid in Full by 1st week of class
Non-Student Fee: $5/class
Additional Payment Option
Early Bird – Paid in Full 2 weeks prior to class
Must be enrolled to livestream or watch replay

Tuition Discounts & Fees

Early Bird Discounts
Family Discount
Senior Citizen (65+)
Additional Fees
Application Fee (one-time)
Required Books
Domestic Ministry Trip (1st Year)
Domestic Ministry Trip (2nd Year)
International Ministry Trip (2nd Year)

“I only had the money for the application. I asked God if He really wants me to attend [DSSM] He would have to provide. A week later, there was $300 in my bank account. God is always on time.” – Kaylie, 1st Year Student