Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about DSSM? Call us or see below.

Can I visit or audit a class at DSSM?
You are welcome to visit our onsite classes! We call it ‘auditing a class’. There is a $5.00 fee for each night you audit. You can come and experience the school through teaching, activation and impartation. We welcome auditors in our corporate worship and first year class. Currently, online auditing is not available.
Is DSSM an accredited school?
DSSM is not an accredited school. You will receive a certificate of completion that could be recognized within the Body of Christ.
If I audit the class for a year, can those hours be transferred as credit in DSSM?
We do not convert audited hours to classroom credits. Although you may have attended the year by auditing, you would not have completed the required assignments, ministry credits or ministry trip. Another important aspect of DSSM is the impact of community within our Tribes. (See What is a Tribe?)
You mentioned assignments. Does that mean there is homework? How much time would I spend on DSSM?
Between actual class time, assignments, and scheduled reading, you could spend approximately eight to twelve hours per week.
Do I have to complete DSSM’s first year curriculum, to attend second year?
What is a Tribe?
Each student is assigned to a small group we call tribes. Each tribe will have one to two tribe leaders who are DSSM Alumni. That will be the student’s first point of contact for any questions. Tribes bring a strong sense of community and intimate connections.
Can I apply for a scholarship?
Talk to an advisor.
When and where do students meet?
Once semester begins, we meet on Monday evenings from 6:30pm - 9:30 pm for 14 - 16 weeks. Classes are held in the Dayspring Community Center at 2157 N Prospect Ave, Springfield Mo 65803.