Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dayspring School of Supernatural Ministry (DSSM)?

It is a school of experiencing the Father, learning who you are, and living a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

Do I have to be in full-time ministry or feel called to full-time ministry to attend this school?

In short - No, we believe this school is for every person who wants to experience more of God and walk with Him. In saying that, we do believe this school will launch you into the destiny that God has called you to and that could be missions, full-time staff, or continue as a supernatural minister in the Marketplace.

Is DSSM accredited?

DSSM is not an accredited school with the State of Missouri. You will receive a certificate of completition that could be recognized within the Body of Christ.


We highly encourage you to visit! We call it auditing a class and there is a $5.00 cost with each night you audit. You can come and experience the school through teaching, activation, and impartation. We welcome auditors in our corporate worship and first year.

If I AUDIT for a year, can those hours be transferred as credit in DSSM?

They cannot and the reason is, we put a high value on commitment and although you would have been there for the year, you would not have completed the reading, questions, ministry hours, and ministry trip that are required.

Why be a student rather than an auditor?

We value commitment and we believe the Father values commitment. There was a vision that one of our DSSM students had that talks to this. She saw two people sitting on a dock at the lake. One of the people had their feet dangled in the water and was receiving some insight and joy while doing this – let’s call this one the auditor. Then there was another person who was running and jumping off the dock, plunging their whole body into the water – they were committed to the plunge and they would get to experience all the lake had to offer. That’s the difference! Not only do students value from the commitment but all the experiences that come with the school doing homework, impartations, activations, tribes, impact teams, missions trips, special student-only sessions, and more. Take the plunge!

How much does it cost to attend DSSM?

  • $35.00 - New Student Application Fee (non-refundable)
  • $300.00 /semester - Early Bird (paid in full by first week of class)
  • $350.00 /semester - Right On Time (paid in full by second week of class)
  • $390.00 /semester - Payment Plans (3 payments of $130.00)
  • 10% - Married Couple Student Discount
  • 10% - Seniors (65 and over)

*Tuition does not include books or mission trips.

How do I pay my application fee and/or tuition?

You can pay online or by check. If you choose to pay online, just be sure that you mark it as "application fee" and/or "tuition." If by check, please make checks payable to "Dayspring Church" with "DSSM" on the memo line. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Can I apply online?

Yes. Apply Online Now or visit our Apply Page for more application options.

Do I have to complete first year to attend second year?


What is a Tribe?

This is a first year small group within the school. The purpose of Tribes is to bring the culture of DSSM into a more intimate environment where students have a Tribe Leader to guide them through their first year.

What is an Impact Team?

This is part of the second year team where they minister as a group to bring IMPACT to the city. These types of ministries include business prayer, working with the homeless, helping local churches, and more..

Do you have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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