DSSM Year 1

The first year of DSSM is focused on identity and connecting with the Father. As we learn who we are in Christ in deeper ways, our connection with the Father strengthens. The stronger our connection, the more we experience His very essence. Dreaming with God, understanding a culture of honor, walking in love and forgiveness become our very nature. We begin equipping for service in the Kingdom in areas of prayer, intercession, words of knowledge, and impartation that are activated in our domestic missions trips.

First Year Curriculum Includes

  • Monday nights 6:30 – 9:30: Teachings, Activations, and Impartations
  • Weekly assignments: pass-fail credit is given
  • Ministry Credits: healing rooms, regional prayer, etc.
  • 1 Domestic Mission Trip (Additional costs apply)

(See Student Handbook for detailed information)

Fall 2021 - First Year Required Reading

Title Author Book
Face to Face With God Bill Johnson
Forgiveness Rodney Hogue
Baptism of Love Leif Hetland

DSSM Year 2

The second year in DSSM is about taking what we have learned from first year and going into our spheres of influence and making a difference. Equipping continues with an emphasis on leadership and activating the supernatural within us. Students are taught the significance of effective prayer and fasting, supernatural provision, and how to continue to dream deeper. An understanding of Jesus’ mature love equips second year students to face difficult situations when asked to lead. Second year students are tempered with a longer international missions trip and may be asked to be on the leadership team with a first year domestic missions trip. Everything in second year leads to launching students into the fullness of their destiny.

Fall 2021 - Second Year Required Reading

  • Monday nights 6:30 – 9:30: Teachings, Activations, and Impartations
  • Book Reports are assigned and pass-fail credit is given
  • Weekly Encounters: Total of 24 each semester
  • Ministry Credits: healing rooms, regional prayer, etc. (100 Credits required)
  • 1 International Missions Trip

(See Student Handbook for detailed information)

Second Year Suggested Reading

Title Author Book
God is Good Bill Johnson
The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting Mahesh Chavda
Incomplete by Design Steve & Sally Wilson
Biblical Basis for Healing Randy Clark
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