Student Application

Use the "Apply Online Now" button (above) to fill out the online Student Application OR download and print the application, which is available below in PDF format. This will need to be returned to DSSM. (see address below)

Pastoral Recommendation

Download and print the Pastoral Recommendation form for your pastor/mentor. This will need to be completed and returned to DSSM. (see address below)

*Please note that the recommendation form cannot be filled out by immediate family.

Tuition & Payment Info

  • $35.00 - New Student Application Fee (non-refundable)

2 Payment Options
- Option 1: Early Bird (paid in full by first week of class) - $300.00 /semester
- Option 2: Right On Time (paid in full by second week of class) - $350.00 /semester

Please visit our Finance Page to make a payment

**Last day to register is the second week of class...(9/28/2020)


  • 10% - Family Discount
  • 10% - Senior Discount for students over age 65
  • Tuition credit of $50.00 is given to current students for each PAID referral.

Dayspring, Attn: DSSM
2157 N. Prospect Ave.
Springfield, MO 65803

Full Application Pastoral Reference

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