Our Leadership

Dan & Gina Deskins

Executive Directors

Dan & Gina were very early members of Dayspring Church and have served for 20 + years. Their areas of service include: Eldership, Pastoring, Marriage Counseling, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Buildings & Grounds, Administration, Dance Team, Ushering, & Security. Dan & Gina currently serve as Elders of Dayspring Church & lead DSSM as Executive Directors & are a part of the 2nd Year leadership team.

Together, Dan & Gina own & operate a family business that performs maintenance to large box retailers in 15 states. They have 3 sons, 3 amazing daughter-in-laws, & 8 grandchildren! "Mama Gina" carries joy everywhere she goes! She is an intercessor, an incredible hostess, has a heart of gold, & gives value to those she encounters! Dan, or "Poppy," received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri in Secondary Education. He genuinely cares about people & has a passion for others to experience the love of the Father.

While attending multiple Randy Clark missions trips to Brazil, both Dan & Gina encountered the Father in powerful ways. Dan was prayed for by Nic & Rachel Billman (as well as Harry Skates) & received powerful impartations of the Father’s heart. DSSM was birthed from those encounters of the Father’s love, value, & approval.

Kevin & Teresa Snyder

Administrative Director

Kevin & Teresa have been married 18 years & have 4 children, 2 grandchildren, & 2 great-grandchildren. Teresa is the 1st Year Director, Kevin is on the 1st year Leadership Team & together they lead the DSSM Inner Healing Team.

Their credentials come from life experiences rather than from formal classroom training. With many wrong turns, bad decisions, & bumpy roads along the way, they have learned how to navigate tricky situations. They have learned that honesty & transparency are what bring fruitfulness into a person's life & they encourage this in each student. They previously served on the DSSM Advisory Board & are also DSSM Alumni, which brings a unique perspective to their leadership style.

Teresa has facilitated children's ministry, divorce recovery, Dayspring's Life Anew, & other programs over the years. Along with her DSSM roles, she currently leads Inner Healing at the Dayspring Healing Rooms as well.

They both have a passion for others to experience the goodness of God which brings them into their true identity & then help them carry it outside the walls of the church!

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