Our Leadership

Dan & Gina Deskins

Executive Directors

Dan & Gina were very early members of Dayspring Church and have served for 20 + years. Their areas of service include: Eldership, Pastoring, Marriage Counseling, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Buildings & Grounds, Administration, Dance Team, Ushering, & Security. Dan & Gina currently serve as Elders of Dayspring Church & lead DSSM as Executive Directors & are a part of the 2nd Year leadership team.

Together, Dan & Gina own & operate a family business that performs maintenance to large box retailers in 15 states. They have 3 sons, 3 amazing daughter-in-laws, & 8 grandchildren! "Mama Gina" carries joy everywhere she goes! She is an intercessor, an incredible hostess, has a heart of gold, & gives value to those she encounters! Dan, or "Poppy," received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri in Secondary Education. He genuinely cares about people & has a passion for others to experience the love of the Father.

While attending multiple Randy Clark missions trips to Brazil, both Dan & Gina encountered the Father in powerful ways. Dan was prayed for by Nic & Rachel Billman (as well as Harry Skates) & received powerful impartations of the Father’s heart. DSSM was birthed from those encounters of the Father’s love, value, & approval.

Kevin & Teresa Snyder

1st Year Director & Inner Healing Team Leaders

Kevin & Teresa have been married 18 years & have 4 children, 2 grandchildren, & 2 great-grandchildren. Teresa is the 1st Year Director, Kevin is on the 1st year Leadership Team & together they lead the DSSM Inner Healing Team.

Their credentials come from life experiences rather than from formal classroom training. With many wrong turns, bad decisions, & bumpy roads along the way, they have learned how to navigate tricky situations. They have learned that honesty & transparency are what bring fruitfulness into a person's life & they encourage this in each student. They previously served on the DSSM Advisory Board & are also DSSM Alumni, which brings a unique perspective to their leadership style.

Teresa has facilitated children's ministry, divorce recovery, Dayspring's Life Anew, & other programs over the years. Along with her DSSM roles, she currently leads Inner Healing at the Dayspring Healing Rooms as well.

They both have a passion for others to experience the goodness of God which brings them into their true identity & then help them carry it outside the walls of the church!

George & Joey Hay

2nd Year Director & 2nd Year Leadership

George & Joey Hay have a passion to see God's children set free & living out their identities as sons & daughters of God. Joey serves as DSSM Director & George is a part of the 2nd Year Leadership Team. They have a wonderful family & are very proud of their children & grandchildren!

Joey earned her Masters in Counseling & has served in Women's Ministry as a pastor for many years, as well as a fascilitator for the Bethel Sozo ministry at a local church. She is an experienced leader, mentor, coach, speaker, teacher, & counselor. Joey has a genuine desire to help others experience healing & true freedom. She radiates the life of Christ, the Father's heart, & is a joy to be around.

George owns & operates a small business & is an integral part of the 2nd Year Leadership Team. He acts as a tribe leader & loves to interact & walk with the students as they actively pursue the Father's heart.

This couple have a deep desire to help bring believers into wholeness through inner healing & encounters with the Father & are a vital part of the DSSM Team!

Becky Woods

2nd Year Leadership

Becky woods was raised in Purdy, MO and resides in Republic. She's been married to her husband Danny for 29 years. They have two awesome children Garrett and Kelsey. She has a Physical Education degree, but is blessed to spend her time at home with her grandson Gideon.

Becky Loves the outdoors and enjoying her hobby farm with chickens and a few cows plus Hank the beagle and a couple of cute cats. She also loves sewing and has a small apron business called Sadie's Joy, named after her grandmother. Her other lifelong passion is sports and she still enjoys watching baseball, college basketball, and football.

Natural living is also a huge part of her life these days and she loves researching all the possibilities of living healthier and changing the future for generations to come.

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